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A Fortunate Return! Don’t miss it!

Santuarium @ the Rainbow

Back at the beginning of August I was present at a show out in the east-end at the relatively new Obsession live lounge. The show was sparsely attended, due in part to the fact that it was competing with at least two other shows happening elsewhere on the same evening. While I’m sure those other events were just as enjoyable, the fact remains that those who didn’t attend missed a talented band from the other side of the world. Usually, such an opportunity wouldn’t happen again.

Fortunately, Brazil’s Santuarium have stuck around our corner of the world and will be coming back to storm the Rainbow on the 16th with Tomahawk Punch and Creeping Beauty. I can’t stress enough how good this band is (check out my review of the last show) and how much they deserve a howling crowd to greet them. Their approach to Metal is one of the most unique I’ve seen, coating their hard rock core with symphonic and gothic elements without allowing those elements to diminish their punchy guitar work and headbanging compositions.

So it’s a Wednesday night. Not the most convenient thing in the world, I know. But this is a dedicated band from across the globe that deserves an appreciative crowd. What else were you going to do that night?

Seriously, don’t miss these guys again. They’re killer!


A Metallic Rebirth for Queensrÿche?

So the news came down yesterday that Crimson Glory‘s Todd La Torre has officially replaced Geoff Tate in Seattle Progressive Metal institution Queensrÿche. I’m a massive Geoff Tate fan, and my first reaction, I’ll admit, was dissappointment. Geoff has one of the most unique, entertaining and skillful voices in not just the Metal world, but the Rock world as well. He has always been among my favourite singers and it’s a shame that the drama that had been brewing around QR for months has finally culminated with him being sacked.

After a moment or two I was able to take a step back and think about the situation. I realized that that, as unfortunate as the loss of Geoff at the helm of QR is, it’s also, quite possibly, a great thing for people like me who feel most passionately for the band’s early works. It’s no secret that it was largely Geoff that drove the band in a more straight-ahead Rock direction. His being replaced by Todd, current singer for another undeniably progressive and technical Metal band, definitely points to a desire on the part of the rest of Queensrÿche to return to heavier music.

There are so many positives that can come from this. Most obviously and as noted above, a return to Warning/Rage/Mindcrime/Empire style heaviness. This will also, with any luck, result in greater exposure of the perennially unsung Crimson Glory, a band loved by those who know them but who’ve never quite achieved the audiences they deserve. Todd La Torre has said in a statement released after the news broke yesterday that he is not leaving Crimson Glory, but that he will be involved with both bands. As such, Queensrÿche fans will undoubedtly, finally, be brought into the Crimson Glory camp as well. Outside of this even, we may finally see a follow-up to Geoff Tate’s interesting 2002 solo effort. Couple this with the fact that Geoff has stated that his solo material this time out is in a very Hard Rock type of direction and the potential is their for a very solid album.

So it seems that, for enduring a change of vocalist that may be something of a culture shock, we get a lot in return. Two excellent, interesting acts, two phenomenol vocalists, renewed attention toward a two progressive institutions, and Heavy friggin’ Metal. I don’t know about you guys, but I’m pumped to see what not only Queensrÿche, but also what Geoff Tate and Crimson Glory have in store.

video courtesy of SavoiaPhotography 

Thunder on AIR! Tonight!

My Hard Rock and Heavy Metal radio show, Thunder on AIR, is TONIGHT at 7 PM on algonquinair.com! I’ll be playing lots of the best Hard Rock and Metal from the 70s, 80s, and 90s. Tune In, Turn Up, and BANG YOUR HEAD! \m/

Here’s some samples of stuff we played on the last show…

Tune in tonight at http://www.algonquinair.com/index.php