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Weekly Rare Track: Exodus – “Death and Domination”

*I do not own the rights to this song. All writing, performance, production, publishing and distribution rights are tht of their respective owners.*

Paul Baloff (R.I.P.): Lead Vocals
Gary Holt: Rhythm Guitar
Kirk Hammett: Lead Guitar
Jeff Andrews: Bass Guitar
Tom Hunting: Drums and Percussion

Exodus is a long running, highly respected, much celebrated Thrash band from the legendary Bay Area scene of the 1980s. Kirk Hammett, Lead guitarist of Metallica, was actually a founding member of Exodus and played on the 1982 demo (from which this track is taken) and the “Die by his Hand” demo before being plucked by Metallica to record their debut full-length.

One of the defining features of the Bay Area sound, especially in it’s earliest days, was the blatant NWOBHM-isms that permeated the work of most bands. This demo is no exception. One can quite clearly hear early Maiden and Venom  in the riffs, while a close listener can also hear the Uli Jon Roth (Scorpions) influences in the lead-work of young Kirk. Paul Baloff‘s vocals here have not achieved their full-on Thrash rasp, but definitely incorporate a few bone-rattling screams into what is otherwise a fairly standard, british-inspired clean vocal.

Even legends begin by emulating their influences. Exodus is no exception. Enjoy!

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