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Spotlight on: Odium

I’ve never been a huge fan of Melodic Death Metal as a genre. There are bands that fall within it that I enjoy immensely, At the Gates and Nightrage coming to mind. However, a lot of the time I find that the bands in this style fall into the trap of becoming overly melodic; i.e. the melodic/rock elements of the music overshadow and overtake the Death Metal roots. This is the case with In Flames and Sonic Syndicate; two bands who, over time, have shed all traces of true DM from their sound and now all that remains of those influences is the occasional guttural vocal in a song. To my mind, there has yet to be a band who has struck a perfect balance between Death Metal and Melodic without it sounding forced. Only the recent works by Scar Symmetry have come close.

This is where Walkerton’s Odium come in. What Scar Symmetry has achieved for European sensibilities, this band has achieved for the North American taste. In the vocal department, Tom Emmans alternates between a guttural rasp not unlike a more guttural Jamey Jasta, and clean vocals that are serviceable and familiar in a modern rock mold. The guitarists, Andrew Fullerton and Bo Louther, also familiar melo-death tricks to the show, reminding one primarily of At the Gates. The rythm section, bassist Dale Burrows and drummer Joe Mullen, does some really solid, supremely heavy things that keep the tunes grounded firmly in DM. Fantastic double kick work and bass licks that keep pace and perfectly fill the pocket between the guitars and the drums.

What makes Odium unique as a band in their chosen style is that one will never confuse them for a Scandinavian act. The clean vocals which, as mentioned before, are root in modern rock, are clearly of North American influence versus the more Power Metal-esque clean vocals of Odium’s Euro counterparts. The instrumentation, especially come chorus time in most of the bands songs, also betray the influence of a myriad North American radio staples.

Ottawa headbangers can catch these madmen from the other side of the province tonight at Cafe Dekcuf. They`ll be supporting local favourites Joe Thrasher and The Blood Red Truth. Doors or at 8PM so grab ten bucks and head on down to Dekcuf to catch this band`s uniquely North American take on a generally Swedish form of Heaviness.

For more information visit the band’s Myspace, Rabbit Hole Productions (Facebook) or the event page on Facebook

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