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So… Maiden England tour… (Spoiler Alert!)

I just saw Iron Maiden‘s setlist from last night in Charlotte post on Metal Hammer‘s website. Needless to say, it’s pretty sick! Here’s a breakdown of what can expect to see this here in Ottawa on the 7th! Get ready Metalheads! \m/

Intro: Doctor Doctor (UFO song)

1 – Moonchild*

2 – Can I Play With Madness*

3 – The Prisoner**
(First time played live since September 21, 1991)

4 – 2 Minutes to Midnight***

5 – Afraid to Shoot Strangers****
(First time played live since December 12, 1998)

6 – The Trooper*****

7 – The Number of the Beast**

8 – Phantom of the Opera******

9 – Run to the Hills**

10 – Wasted Years*******

11 – Seventh Son of a Seventh Son*
(First time played live since December 12, 1988)

12 – The Clairvoyant*

13 – Fear of the Dark****

14 – Iron Maiden******


15 – Aces High***

16 – The Evil That Men Do*

17 – Running Free******

Outro: Always Look on the Bright Side of Life (Monty Python song)

* – From Seventh Son of a Seventh Son (1988)
** – From The Number of the Beast (1982)
*** – From Powerslave (1984)
**** – From Fear of the Dark (1992)
***** – From Piece of Mind (1983)
****** – From Iron Maiden (1980)
******* – From Somewhere in Time (1986)

So there you have it. Not a perfect setlist but, when it comes to a band like Maiden, perfect would require 3-4 hours worth of material. As things are, let me tell you, I’m absolutely pumped for my personal third Maiden experience. If you’re in or around Ottawa, check out OttawaBluesfest.ca. If you’re else, check out the Tour Dates page on the band’s official website.

Oh and P.S.: Multiple Eddies!

Super pumped? You’re welcome! Up the Irons!

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