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Weekly Rare Track: Glacier – “Devil in Disguise”

*I do not own the rights to this recording. All recording, writing, producing, publishing and distribution rights are that of the perspective owners.*

Song: Devil In Disguise
Band: Glacier
Recording: Glacier [EP]
Label: Axe Killer
Year: 1985

Glacier was a Heavy/Power Metal from Portland, Oregon. Formed in 1979, their only output was two demo tapes (one in 1984, the other in 1988) and a lone EP from which this song is taken. Very much a band in the same vein as Omen, Virgin Steele, or Halloween, their lyrical content was loosely Christian but predominantly based in fantasy. In any case, the line-up that crafted this 5-track opus (Loren Bates [Drums], Patrick Goebel [Guitars], Timm Proctor [Bass, Vocals], Sam Easley [Guitars]) are a solid unit who created a truly solid EP well worth your time.

Full EP Tracklisting:

1. When Heaven’s At Hand
2. Vendetta
3. Ready for Battle
4. Devil in Disguise
5. Speak No Evil

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