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Concert-goers: Put Up or Shut Up!

It seems to me that there are a lot of people who complain about certain tours not coming to their town. I do this myself. I was upset when Saxon didn’t come through Ottawa on their recent North American tour. I was the same when Razor did a short tour last year. The thing about so many people bemoaning artists’ lack of attention for their city is that when they finally come through town, they have a ticket for another city, no ticket at all, or a generally apathetic attitude towards the event.

My recent trek to Kingston for Gigantour at the K-Rock Centre was a good example of this. The crowd that was there was fantastic. The bands all put in great sets, and it was one of the best shows I’ve seen.

Coutesy of TheVickShow

The problem was that roughly one fifth of the venue was empty at the concert’s peak. A good number of people then left after Motörhead finished playing. This left the venue at about two thirds capacity for headliners Megadeth.

To my mind this comes down to the attitudes of concert goers and Metal fans in this country, or at least our corner of it. For some reason, so many of us are complacent and even a little apathetic towards the music and musicians we supposedly love. A vivid moment I experienced was when I went to see Ozzy Osbourne at Scotiabank Place in November of 2010. The venue was very nearly full, but the attitude of the concert goers was very subdued to say the least. While I was headbanging away and singing along with my friend, I saw more than a few people standing in place with their arms crossed doing nothing at all, as if to say “Impress me, Ozzy, I dare you.” This after the Ozzman having said at the beginning of the show, “The louder you are, the longer we play!” The result of the crowd’s overall complacency was Ozzy and his band playing four songs less than they had played in Winnipeg a few nights before.

Back to the situation at Gigantour, it was to some degree, the differing result of the same problem: An enthusiastic crowd in a half-empty venue. This comes after so much fervor and excitement over the fact that Gigantour was actually coming through Kingston at all. It was disheartening, after everything I’d heard from people from Belleville to Ottawa and all points in between, to see the state of the venue.

I guess what I’m trying to get across to everyone is this: If you’re not going to go to a concert and show your appreciation as a passionate music fan for all the wonderful art that these various legends have given us over the years, then don’t complain about the tour dates not including your town. If they come through and you don’t go, and moreover you don’t stay for the whole show, the only excuse you have is lacking the cash or being ill. Anything else is simply ignorant.

Put up or shut up.

This article is an slightly edited re-post of an article I originally wrote for Metal Heart; a blog I wrote as part of my college program’s web writing class. Check out all our content at Spine Online and espeically our collaborative webzine Bark. (Originally published 13/02/12)

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  1. Dan

    well said

    01/05/2012 at 10:29 am

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