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Weekly Rare Track: “Sucking My Love (Diamond Head cover)” – Metallica

*I do not own the rights to this song. All writing, performance, production, and publishing credits are that of their respective owners.*

In 1982, the mighty Metallica was still just your every day struggling Metal band, still trying to find it’s own sound. But the makings of a great band were there from the very beginning, including their NWOBHM influences that they wore on their sleeves.

This was a cover of Lars Ulrich’s favourite band that was recorded in original bassist Ron McGovney’s Garage in March of ’82, a mere five months after the formation of the band. The aptly named “Ron Mcgovney’s ’82 Garage Demo” is a pretty classic and cool example of the sound of the band in their infancy, including the high-pitched vocals on display from James. You can also tell that most of the band are still amateurs with their instruments save for one Dave Mustaine on guitar. James did not play guitar on this demo, so you can really hear the solid work that Dave was laying down at the time. His lead work that begins at 3:22 is also incredibly interesting as you can already here clear and obvious shades of his early work in Megadeth.

If you can track down this demo, it’s a really cool and true document of Metallica’s garage days as it’s a set comprised of 6 covers (4 of which being Diamond Head originals) and only 2 originals. Check it out if you’re interested in experiencing giants in their infancy.

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