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The Last Hope for Good Time Rock ‘N Roll? (Preview)

This year is the 38th year in existence for the original good time Hard Rock band from down under known as AC/DC. Since 1979 they have consistently been one of the most popular Hard Rock bands in the world. That is due in large part to their instantly recognizable brand of no bullshit, no frills, bluesy, dirty, FUN Rock ‘N Roll. Their formula has influenced and informed countless acts throughout their existence. Sometimes that influence has verged onto blatant and undeniable plagarism, but despite that there’s always been something magical about the band that literally no one has ever been able to emulate. The same is true about many of the legendary stadium acts from the 70s and early 80s. Though none of those legends really sounded like each other, there was three things all had in common: A blue collar, hard rocking attitude, no tolerance for bullshit, and a thirst and desire for fun.

But with Angus Young, lead guitar player and youngest member of the band having turned 56 this year, and the band’s oldest member, vocalist Brian Johnson, turning 64 in October, the clock is definitely ticking for the High Voltage Rock ‘N Rollers. This is the case with all of their Hard Rock and Heavy Metal brethren. They’re getting on in years as and retirement looms in the not too distant future. KISS, Judas Priest, Motorhead, Whitesnake, Iron Maiden, Saxon, Motley Crue, and Ted Nugent are just a few of the big names rapidly approaching the chopping block. This is made all the more sad because of the current generation’s pre-occupation with the darker side of life. Where AC/DC preached the joys of being a chubby chaser with “Whole Lotta Rosie”, Disturbed is howling about suicide with “Inside the Fire”. There is definitely a place for both on the world stage, but there seems to be no big names to take up the light, fun side of Hard Rock and Metal once the last of the old guard reaches retirement.

So who are some of the up-and-coming bands who may be there to fill the shoes of giants? That’s the intention of a new series of articles. To profile both up-and-coming and established bands in Hard Rock and Metal, and to compare them to the legendary stadium acts of the 70s and early 80s to see how they will fill the niche for Good Time Rock ‘n Roll that could be sorely lacking once said legends call it a day.

Here’s a few of the bands that may be profiled…

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